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  • Core Boxes, inseam of 1m
    • BQ Plastic Core Boxes
    • Model:BQ
      Inseam Length:1m
      The width of each slot:48mm
      Length of Cores to hold:6m
      Lattices Nos:6
      Weight: 2.2kgs (approx.)
    • NQ Plastic Core Boxes
    • Model:NQ
      Inseam Length:1m
      The width of each slot:55mm
      Length of Cores to hold:5m
      Lattices Nos:5
      Weight: 2.2kgs (approx.)
    • HQ Plastic Core Cases
    • Model: HQ
      Size: 1070×385×70
      Inseam Length: 1m
      The width of each slot:69mm
      Length of Cores to hold:4m
      Lattices Nos: 4
      Weight: 2.4kgs (approx.)
    • PQ Plastic Core Cases
    • Model: PQ
      Size: 1070×385×93
      Inseam Length: 1m
      The width of each slot:92mm
      Length of Cores to hold:3m
      Lattices Nos: 3
      Weight: 2.8kgs (approx.)
    • Fix of Core Cases
    • Black ring shows how to fix the two plastic core Cases together so as the keep safe storage of the plastic core Cases.
    • Fix of Core Boxes in Storage
    • Red arrow points to the fixed storage of plastic core boxes with each other so as to ensure the safe storage of cores.